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Our names are Kevin and Michelle and we are the owners and founders of Open Road Superstore as well as long-time lovers of the RV and Camping lifestyle. I would like to personally welcome you to our store.

First we want you to know that we stand behind the quality of every single item sold here, regardless of the manufacturer or supplier.

We also offer real time tracking for over 90% of the products we sell. There are a few products due to the way these are sourced, real time tracking is physically impossible, but you can mail our support desk at email address to inquire anytime.

We're a smaller, family owned and operated shop, and we have the brains to know that there's no way we could ever be able to compete with big giant stores like Amazon and such... so that's why we take pride in our personal touch and speedy customer service.

We will always strive to exceed expectations and make sure you are fully satisfied with every order :-) We may not be able to ship as fast, or offer as much as the "corporate beasts" out there, but one thing you can know for sure... we truly, truly appreciate your business and will do everything in our power to show you just that ;-)

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